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What is PPF?

PPF - Paint protection film (also known as clear bra, clear film or clear vinyl wrap) is a thermoplastic urethane film applied to a painted surface on a new or used vehicle to protect the paint from stone chips, bugs and minor abrasions. Paint Protection Film is also used on airplanes, Rv's, mobile phones, screens, motorcycles and much more. PPF is OEM approved by most vehicle manufactures worldwide. Paint protection film is installed on a number of cars by manufacture in factory usually located on the rear arch area commonly on Porsches. Generally Paint Protection Film is applied to high impact points of the vehicle. The main purpose of PPF is to prevent paint scuffs, stone chips, vandalism and many other scenarios of damaged paint work. Paint protection film is mainly installed on forward facing sections of a vehicle but can also be applied to a full car creating the Ultimate Paint Protection!

With many other consumer products, paint protection film was first developed and used by the U.S military during the Vietnam War. Helicopter blades and sensitive moving parts of military vehicles became damaged from shrapnel and debris costing a fortune in replacement parts. The U.S Military approached 3M in order to create a solution both light weight and transparent to help protect rotary blades and other sensitive parts. The benefit of replacing PPF over replacement and repair of damaged vehicle parts was immediately clear and its adoption was uncharacteristically quick for the U.S military. PPF as "helicopter tape" can still be used, although this term is becoming less popular due to  automotive applications taking the spotlight and more used for RC Helicopters and drones.

Paint protection film is still used by the military today and 3M now supply a variety of aerospace and military products. It wasn't long before the automobile industry began to see the protective benefits of PPF and began to use them on race cars despite the difficulty of working with the earlier products. According to Kathy Lam, marketing manager for the automotive division of 3M “The first films were thicker and less compliant, [because] their purpose was to help keep helicopter blades from eroding in the harsh, sandy environments to which they were exposed. Because the blades were flatter and less complex than automotive surfaces, they didn’t demand a highly flexible, conformable film.”
Paint Protection film today is highly conformable, optically clear and self-healing.  Self-Healing Paint protection film is multi layered with a top coat designed to reform itself after scuffs a scratches by using hot water or the sun. PPF is installed using a slip solution to prevent the material adhering to the vehicle surface. Paint protection film has a wide range of manufactures worldwide with some of the popular brands 3M, Hexis, Suntek and now Avery Dennison. These films do not require training to purchase, however PPF installation has a steep learning curve, typically requiring 3+ years of constant installation until offering an expert level of installation. 
Paint protection film is the best solution for your vehicle and get the most out of your driving experience. We at Paint Protection Ltd have over 13+ years knowledge in the industry and have hand picked the very best products for a long lasting PPF application. So how much is the paint protection cost in UK?  
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